File_MARC package for PHP

Hey, welcome to the File_MARC package for PHP. If you don't know what MARC is, then you probably don't need this package -- but you can find out more about MARC at Library of Congress: MARC standards.


The basic requirement for File_MARC is PHP 5.1.2 or above with a working PEAR installer. The PEAR installer will install any dependencies for you.


Install the File_MARC package using the PEAR installer. You have to append -alpha to the package name as I have not yet created a stable release.

# pear install File_MARC-alpha


Read the File_MARC API documentation.

Highlighted source files


Current release: 0.1.1-alpha is hosted at PEAR.


Comments are welcome by email at

Future directions

Previous releases

The latest release, and any release starting from File_MARC-0.1.0 (the first official PEAR release), will always be available from The following releases predate the first official PEAR release and should only be of interest to archivists and code historians.